Some History of the St. Andrew's Area

Historical Aerial Photographs

As described at the Toronto Archives web site, between 1937 and 1942 aerial photographs (referred to as "Series 97, Aerial Photographs of Valley Lands") were taken of the "Valley Lands", and their "File 6" is of the St. Andrew's area. I have spent some time with the plug-in needed to view the photographs, Photoshop, and Google Earth to find out more about our area and the golf course which used to be here.


In this this photograph (north is up on all photographs), we can see:


Showing more of this photograph, we can see that before Highway 401 was built, there was at this time a bridge over the valley (you can see the shadows of the bridge supports just west of Yonge Street).


This is the entire photograph (in high resolution, so you can zoom in to see individual cars and bushes), and we can see: